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Q. What are your payment methods?
A.  We accept cash and all major credit cards. ALL ORDERS over $70.00 require a non-refundable deposit of 50% at the time of order. Your order is not confirmed until we have received your deposit. 
We take Credit/Debit transactions via, VENMO
 (UrCakeDealer)SQUARE or $CASH APP ($betterbatterinc). We DO NOT accept checks.
Regular cake orders placed with less than one week's notice require payment in full by credit/debit card at the time of ordering. Custom cake order balances MUST  be paid in full within 1 week of pickup or delivery. There is a $3.00 processing fee for all electronic deposits. (Already added to the price on your invoice.)  ALL SALES AND DEPOSITS ARE FINAL.
Q.  What is your cancellation/ Refund policy?
A. A charge of $35-$45 will apply to any order cancelled 48 hours before delivery. Due to the tedious, handcrafted nature of our products, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for custom orders.

Once you or a designated party has picked up an order and signed for it, it is considered "accepted" – we will ask to make sure that everything is correct such as the design, spelling, etc. Refunds requested due to decorating style, writing, color shade, or general design will not be honored after signing for your cake. In some instances you may bring the cake back in for design adjustments but this is an additional charge if the cake has been signed for.

If by chance we need to cancel order, we will refund your deposit. Bank transfers take 7 business days to show up in your bank account. No cash refunds.

Q.  Do you deliver?
A.  Yes, we do! Delivery surcharges are based on proximity and day of the week, typically ranging from $5-$25. We deliver anywhere in the PA/ DE area. Sorry, no same-day delivery. The minimum order for delivery is three (3) dozen cupcakes. All cupcake delivery orders must be paid in full at time of order. (NO C.O.D.)  For Pickup, cakes are carefully constructed and packaged to ensure safe arrival to their destination.  The best place for the cake to travel is on a flat area of the floor with a non-slip mat underneath. Multiple tiered cakes are NOT eligible for pickups.  We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake(s) during transport, set-up or any time thereafter. Keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly.
Q.  How should I cut and store my cake?


A. All tiered cakes have plastic straw supports inside each cake. Please be careful when slicing. When serving large cakes, it's best to remove the tiers 1st before cutting.


Cakes iced in fondant or with fondant decorations should NOT be frozen but can be refrigerated. Frozen fondant will melt and taste gummy. Cakes iced in buttercream do not need refrigeration if they are to be served the same day; otherwise, refrigerate and then serve at room temperature.
Cakes with cream cheese icing (such as the Red Velvet) and the Strawberry Shortcake must be refrigerated.

Q.  Do you offer tastings?

A. Weddings only.

Q. Are any of your products sugar-free?
A.  No, not at this time. Please check back for any updates!
Q.  What flavors do you offer?

A. We make all-scratch products , so we can make most any flavor you like. We have a list of favorites and popular flavors here, but we are always coming up with new ones.

Q. What is Fondant?

A.  Fondant is a sugar-based frosting that can be rolled or poured on top of a cake or kupcake Fondant can be used for decorative accents. Many people like the look of fondant for its smooth appearance. There are hundreds of different types of fondant out there. We use a particular type that tastes like marshmallows.  It's delicious! My customers - both kids and adults - have all enjoyed it.

Q.  I have designed a cake that I want. Can you make it?
A.   I'm 100% sure we can, but only 99% sure we will. We can make "inspired by" cakes, but that's the closest we can come. And as for other more, shall-we-say-"risqué" cakes, if you wouldn't serve it your grandmother, we can't make it for you. And please, please don't ask for a cake in the shape of your newborn baby. While it's such a cute idea, once you have to cut into it, you'll understand why we won't do it. A baby's eye staring back at you from a cloud of red velvet crumbs is not a pretty site.
Q.  Do you offer Gluten free products?
A. Unfortunately we do not bake allergy free products.
Q.  Do you ship?
A. Yes we do ship limited items. Cake pan cakes, Pound cakes and Cake Jars ship very well.  Must be shipped USPS Priority Mail, overnight delivery.
Additional charges apply.

Guarantee / Disclaimer 

We do all that we can to make sure that your order is decorated to the specification on your written order form. Upon pick-up of your cake, adjustments can be made for an additional charge if it was not stated on your original order. If for some reason something is not decorated correctly as stated on your order, we will make necessary changes right away. 

Every order is hand-made. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of the decorator. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.


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