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Pretty as a Princess



A moist french vanilla cake inside a vanilla flavored candy mold. Topped with beautiful array of pink, white and purple roses with greenery in between.


The Sky's the Limit



You can have this cake whichever way you want..The sky's the limit!

The Girly Girl


A vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Rosette covered, with or without polkadots. Set inside a pink vanilla flavored Candy mold.

Mommy, May I


A moist, yummy red velvet cake. Topped with pale pink, yellow and white roses inside a chocolate flavored candy mold.


(kupcakes pictured were a different flavor)

The Lil Miss Hershey


A moist and sweet chocolate cake made with real Hershey chocolate. Decorated with bright yellow, white and purple roses inside a milk chocolate mold.


True Blue


Can be made with any flavor. Inside a white chocolate or vanillla candy mold. Topped with blue and white roses and greenery.

The Church Lady


A lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting. Topped with aqua blue, purple and cream roses in a cream vanilla candy mold.

It's a Sunshiny Day


A yummy marble cake made with A&W creme soda. Topped with yellow and white roses in a yellow candy mold.

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